2019 Reader Survey!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last done a reader survey (not since the beginning of 2018!), so I thought it was high time I sent around another one.

So, whether you’ve been a follower for over a decade or you just started following last week, I genuinely want to know what you think! Blogging for just myself is no fun at all, and I want this to be a place for YOU.

Just a reminder, the survey is totally anonymous, so unless you come out and somehow identify yourself in one of the questions, I’m not going to know who says what. Feel free to share your honest opinion so that I can make this blog the best place that it can be for you.

Click Here to Take the Survey!

Thank you so much in advance, and thanks for all your support and love and encouragement and feedback over the years! I’m a better person for it.

P. S. Just because I don’t want you to miss out in case you’re interested—the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (which was the first investment I ever made on my blog and which I still use all the time!) is only on sale until midnight TONIGHT (4/11). After that, the deal’s gone for good! It contains everything you need to know to start, run, monetize, and grow a blog, and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. Click here to get that before it’s too late!

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