The Calm Before the Storm

It’s about to hit, friends–

The Last Week of School.

In addition to having a chaotic school schedule this week (like dances and performances and awards shows and such), I have the most insane grading load, despite having spent almost ten hours over the weekend sifting through it. (Spoiler: I barely made a dent, it feels like.)

I usually feel like I lead a fairly balanced life in many respects, but this is one of those times where things are grossly out of balance–the kind of imbalance that is not at all sustainable and that will probably make me sick at the end of it all.

But there’s only four more days to get through, and sick or not by the end, I will be done. Done-y, Done Done Done Done. DONE.

Then, I will be able to reach equilibrium again–I will be able to actually have the energy (and time) to clean my house, do our laundry, read all the books, do all the blog posts that have been sitting in my queue for weeks, hang out with people socially again (instead of counting my trips to the faculty room during lunch as such)…

But there are still four more days to get through.

I thought when I reached the end of this thing known as My Teaching Career (or at least the end as I understand it), I would be a lot more introspective–that I would be pondering The Big Questions, like, “Did I really actually make a difference in any of my students’ lives?”, “What will I be remembered for?,” and the big one–“Will those dang students remember that they should always support their answers with textual evidence where possible and remember to give credit to their sources?”

But heck, I don’t have the energy to be delving into those types of questions, at least not at the moment, when I’m staring 15+ hours of grading down the throat and dealing with the thoughts of having to pack up my classroom at the end of the week.

I had planned to do a big ol’ post on what I will and won’t miss about teaching this week.

We’ll see if it gets done.

All I know is, regardless of whether those blog posts get written or my laundry gets washed in the next 72 hours or so, I do know this–

I am so DONE in four days.

And I am SO ready.

Bring it on, Last Week of School.

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