My 1,000th Blog Post (+ List of 13 Favorite but Forgotten Posts)

This very post marks my 1,000th blog post.

I am not even kidding.

The majority of my brain is impressed by that feat, but the other part thinks–“Wow, I’ve spent a lot of time on this hobby or whatever you want to call it. Imagine if I would have spent all that time learning how to sew, say, or maybe taking scuba diving lessons. I could have probably taught myself both German and Chinese by now if I’d channeled all that time elsewhere.”

But I keep blogging because, as I’ve mentioned before about the many things I’ve gained from blogging over the years, it has basically become a visual representation not only of my life but also of my ideas and of the lessons I’ve learned. I’ve also mentioned that blogging is a regular exercise in vulnerability, which is something I’m constantly trying to work on. But, even though I basically “blog for myself” (meaning I don’t get paid), I can never really “blog for myself”–in other words, I will keep coming back to the page because of all of you!

Although my goals for my blog have varied widely over the past several years, one thing is for sure–I have no plans to quit it anytime soon.

So, if on this fine weekday you are left with some time to kill, here’s a whole bunch of links to some of my personal past favorites (that aren’t already on the “Popular Posts” list). Happy time-killing!

13 Favorite but Forgotten Posts (in no particular order):
1. On Being Spontaneous  5 Nov 2012
2. Thoughts on Being Rich  24 May 2012
3. Family Night, Bieber Style  6 March 2012
4. Marathon Training, Week One  7 Jan 2012 
5. Why Getting a Puppy May Not Ever Be For Me  7 Nov 2013
6. True Love Isn’t a Fairy Tale or Even a Country Song 29 Oct 2013
7. How I Would Have Lived My Life If I’d Only Listened to Disney  2 Oct 2013 
8. Dreaming Big  12 April 2013 
9. I Would Procrastinate My Own Labor & Delivery If I Could  9 Mar 2015
10. Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Teaching Middle School  15 Dec 2014
11. On Mixing Routine & Novelty–Thanks to Rhubarb  23 Jul 2014
12. Set Habits, Not Goals  9 June 2014
13. My Brain May or May Not Be Turning to Oatmeal  31 Mar 2014

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