Photo Walk

Sometimes We Do Weird Things at Night

Truth be told, Matt and I aren’t exactly the most adventurous of people–our day-to-day lives rarely hold too much variation, and more nights than not, we’re usually more content to just sit at home and watch another movie rather than go out and experience the world.

But apparently last week, the end-of-summer slump had weighed on us long enough, and we got a little random.

Actually, the real story is that I was about ready to get ready for bed—it was about 9:45, and we had just finished playing a game of California Speed while a movie was playing in the background. As the movie neared its end and we bemoaned (for perhaps the hundredth time that week already) the end of summer and gloomily referred to Monday as the day the world ended (because school was starting), Matt piped up and said, “I want to go buy a tripod and take night pictures.”

Normally, the thought of doing anything photography-related will guarantee that I’m in, but I was dressed for comfort and in not much of a mood to go to the store at 10 PM. However, since my husband rarely wants to do adventures this out of the blue, I decided to indulge him.

We ran off to the store, picked up a $25 tripod, and raced up to campus to try out our luck.

Now, you must know that I have no experience in night photography (or tripod photograph, for that matter). Matt had a little more experience. But as the surprisingly chilly August wind raked through our hair as we tried out our experiments, I felt a bit like a giddy college freshmen again (kinda like the really loud ones that just moved in across the way from us). It was like for that hour that we were out, I no longer felt like a responsible adult who was about to micromanage the learning of 150 students and Matt no longer felt stressed out of his mind about his PT school applications.

For that hour, we just allowed ourselves to be silly and experimental and perhaps a little crazy (as I’m sure the few people strolling around campus were thinking we were).

And even though I’ll probably look back one day at these beginner attempts at night pictures and laugh, I don’t think I’ll ever have as much fun doing a tripod photo session as I did that night.

Goodbye, summer.

I miss you already.

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