Photo Walk

Photo Walk: Legacy Trail

Remember how I was saying here how I wished I could have had a camera on our run last Saturday on the Legacy Trail?
Well, we decided to go back and try to capture some of its beauty and take advantage of the newly fallen snow on Sunday. And while we didn’t want to run 4 miles in again to get to the best spots, I think some of our pictures still turned out pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy!

Sometimes we take pictures of the same thing. His: Left (above). Hers: Right (above)

 In the above right picture, can you see the horse up on its hind legs?
(And West Bountiful seems to produce money trees, as you can see in the above left picture)

 Above picture: Matt waited patiently for what seemed like an eternity for that little icicle to just let off a droplet of water already. It never did.

The ice made the most unusual shapes as it melted: what does the above icicle look like to you?

And lastly–the reflection and the reflected. Wish they could be bigger and still be side by side.

Gotta love the Legacy Trail!

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