Tuesday Tell-All

5 Things — And Only Five

In lieu of a Tuesday Tell-All (because really, who has the energy?), I will tell you exactly five things:

1. We have now heard back from three of the five PT schools Matt applied to, all in the negative (cue sad face and chocolates and cards being sent our way).  While this is disappointing, we are still holding out hope for the school here in Utah, and if nothing else, my school will be happy that I’ll be back next year and Matt will be happy that he can get a break from his schooling for the first time in 7 years.

2. Every day since Friday, we have been getting “Extreme Winter Storm Warning” alerts for Cache County and Box Elder County. It has been 40 degrees and basically blue skies ever since.

3. Today, I told my scandalized coworkers that I was going to go home, go on a run, and then promptly go eat a large slice of cake. Honestly, judging by their reactions to half of what I say, I think I shock them more often than not with my “bizarre” behavior and out-of-the-box viewpoints.

4. I am taking a “mental health day” on Friday, partly so that I can avoid the craziness that will ensue from the 7th graders on Valentine’s Day, and partly so that I can finally get caught up on the dishes, laundry, and long runs that I’ve been putting off for weeks at a great cost to my sanity. I cannot wait.

5. Today when I went out for that run I was mentioning earlier, I did it in short sleeves and with a constant stitch in my side. I somehow realized in the past week and a half that training for this half marathon is going to be a heck of a lot harder than training for the full because apparently I forgot that while I was indeed student teaching while I was training last time, I had no fewer than four prep periods to get all my work done in (and only 3 periods to teach). I now teach six periods and have one prep.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone officially insane to have signed up for that race in April. But dang it, I will finish that race if it’s the last thing I do (knock on wood).


And that’s it, folks. I told you you’d only get five!
Have a perfectly lovely day.

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