In Which We Take a Bajillion Pictures in 2 Days

These first 48 hours since getting Herb have been a whirlwind–I find myself constantly paranoid that I’m going to drop him or that he’s going to get stolen somehow. I also literally could not fall asleep the night we got him because my brain was too busy brainstorming all the good times ahead (and because I was guilt-ridden for not having read up more on the whole subject).

Sudden revelation: I’m going to be crazy when I’m a new mother.

Our first day out with Herb consisted of us basically going to the haunts we frequent most: mainly, our garden down the street and the mailbox.

I knew Matt and I are a little OCD with a dash of paranoia about our garden, but combine that scene with a brand-new DSLR we’ve been eyeing for years and you’ve basically got two people simultaneously cackling, hovering, and scolding.

The best part of the whole afternoon?

The discovery that Herb makes everything in the world more beautiful (or maybe it’s just that he makes us notice it all more).

I somehow have a feeling that we’re going to need to get a LOT of extra space on our hard drive…


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