Double Surprise

So I came home yesterday to these lovely beauts (that’s pronounced b-yoots for you people who aren’t familiar with slang abbreviations I make up on the spot).

This is exactly (well, more or less) how the conversation went down as I walked in the door:

Matt: “Honey, these are for you” [whipping out the flowers from behind his back and looking particularly handsome]
Me: “Oh, sweetheart! They’re so beautiful! I can’t believe you actually remembered that today is the two-year anniversary from when you first proposed!”
Matt: “Uh, no. Is that today? That would have been a really nice move on my part.”
Me: “So then why the flowers?”
Matt: “I just wanted to get you flowers for Christmas to show you how wonderful I think you are.”


He gets serious man points for that.

Even if he did forget what day it was.

P.S. The only reason I actually even remembered the significance of the day was because another blogger happened to also be celebrating her “two-year engagement-versary.” And while I was reading through her post, I thought to myself, “Wait . . .what day is it? What day did we engaged? Hmmm . . .”

True story.

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