Photo Walk

Photo Walk – Dry Canyon

Last Sunday, Matt and I went on a “penny drive” in order to determine our photo walk destination. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the rules of the penny drive (or walk), it just means that you flip a penny every time you come to a fork in the road: with heads you turn right, with tails you turn left. Well, after about twenty minutes of penny tossing, we ended up in Dry Canyon. I didn’t even know Dry Canyon existed, but it does.
And if you’re wondering why these photos aren’t really that great, well, it’s because Dry Canyon is just that: dry. Boring. Even we, in all of our “see the beauty in everything” philosophy, had a really hard time enjoying it (the hundreds of dragonflies zooming all around us didn’t help).

One good thing about me posting these pictures? Since you’ve already seen what it looks like, you’ll have no desire to go there in person yourself.

You’re welcome.

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