Some Favorite Pics From My Latest Photo Shoots

Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography

Although it felt like I stumbled onto photography as an artistic pursuit by accident, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve ALWAYS been drawn to freezing moments in time forever, in finding the beauty in every day and in everyone, and in sharing what I’ve captured with other people. As a teenager, I was always the one in my friend circle who could be counted on to bring a camera to everything, and one of our favorite things to do when we were all hanging out was to flip through one of the many photo albums I had lying around my room.

As I got older and started pursuing blogging, I realized that the blogs I was the most drawn to were the ones with the most amazing photos, so I saved up and bought a nice camera, I took a class through our local art center in beginning/intermediate photography, and that was it–I was permanently entwined with this passion for picture-taking, and it has only increased as time has gone on.

I feel like this fall has been an especially busy one when it comes to keeping up on my photography business, and I’m super excited to announce that I’m currently in the middle of (finally!) launching an official webpage for my business (whereas before, I just went old-school and put previews up on my Facebook photography page and gave people their images on c.d.’s, like an old-timer!). It’s been an interesting thing to try and strike a balance between wanting my business to grow AND wanting it to still remain very much a part-time thing, but I’m excited at the growth I’ve seen this year (both in the business itself and in my own work), and I can’t wait to share some of what I’ve been working on lately!

Carter & Madi Engagement Session

My favorite session so far this year has been the engagement session I did with my brother and his fiance (so it’s okay that I’m saying it’s my favorite because it’s family!). We lucked out with the most stunning October day in the canyon, and I LOVED that my brother brought his guitar to be in some of the pictures since he’s a brilliant guitarist and music is such a big part of who he is.

Every time I sit down to edit this session I just get so excited (always a good sign as a photographer!) because I think they’re such a gorgeous couple, and they both were total naturals during the shoot, too.

Funny story: We took so long doing this shoot because I was having such a fun time trying out new locations that Matt almost drove into the canyon after me to make sure we were still all right! (Okay, funny for me, not so funny for Matt!)


Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography

Nielson Family Shoot

Confession: Family shoots always make me nervous, just because anytime kids are involved, shoots tend to be pretty unpredictable. However, the energy is usually a lot higher on family shoots too, so capturing that family dynamic is always a fun challenge for me as a photographer. (And I totally lucked out with this family because they had some of the more cooperative kids I’ve ever worked with!)

For this particular shoot, the weather was seriously freeeezing, but because we had planned for an autumn shoot and their outfits were chosen without coats in mind, I had them racing under the big blankets they’d brought with them every chance we had for a break!

Family Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography
Family Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography

Emilie & Mark Engagement Shoot

Although I’ve definitely done more family shoots than engagement shoots, I am very quickly coming to the conclusion that engagement sessions are probably my favorite kinds of shoots to do! They’re definitely easier than family shoots because no small children are involved (and adults usually don’t need too much bribing!), but they also tend to be easier than individual portraits as well, since many people feel very awkward being the only one in the frame. Plus, I have yet to be around an engaged couple that wasn’t giddy-in-love, and that’s just a lot of fun to capture!

(Fun fact: Emilie is actually the stepddaughter of my former Language Arts department head at the school I used to teach at.)

Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography Engagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn PhotographyEngagement Shoot - Torrie Lynn Photography

I have two more shoots coming up over the next couple weeks (one tomorrow, actually!), as well as a third I believe will happen next month as well. Busy, busy! (Autumn is always the busy season because everyone wants Christmas card photos!)

P.S. If you’re located in Northern Utah and/or the Wasatch Front area and need some family pics taken, go ahead and email me for rates! My email address is [email protected].

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