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Scenes From a Busy Weekend

We just got back from a whirlwind of a weekend, which included a wedding, a photo shoot, and a baby blessing, all of which led to me taking around 1,000 pictures in a 48-hour span.

And you know what I didn’t realize until it was basically too late?

There were almost no photos of my own little family hardly anywhere in the bunch. (I was especially sad that Matt and I didn’t get one of the two of us at the wedding dinner since we were practically coordinating and everything, plus the place was gorgeous!)

But so it goes.

First up–

A few of my favorites from my cousin Sydney’s wedding dinner/reception:

True story: I used to really dread going to weddings. Now I love the chance they give me to reflect on my own wedding day, something that always makes me happy.

And even though the whole thing can sometimes feel a little sappy at times, a wedding really does make you reflect on love’s journey and the miracle it is when two compatible people find each other at last.

So a big congrats and thank you to my cousin Sydney and her new husband Taylor for throwing one fabulously delicious (for both the palate and the senses) party and for reminding me what this journey of life is all about.

 There you go–I got Matt’s back in one of the pictures, at least!
Next up on our whirlwind weekend of running around was a photo shoot I’ve been wanting to do for months and months with my older sister.
When I first jumped into doing photography sessions (especially when I first started charging), I was fortunate enough to book about five shoots in the span of about four weekends, all while I was still teaching full time. After I had finally sent off the last photo c.d. a few weeks after all those shoots, I was so burned out from spending all of my extra time editing pictures that I lost much of my enthusiasm for photography for a long, long time (like, almost a year).
Then, after I had Raven and set myself the challenge of taking a photo of her every day, I started to feel some of that old zest and enthusiasm for photography again as I started noticing some visible improvement over time without actually putting in *that* much effort. And now, almost 16 months into doing that (as well as other photo challenges I’ve set for myself more recently), I feel like I’ve never been more inspired to push my limits and take a gazillion pictures and do a ton of studying about the subject online. (Of course, it definitely helps that I’m no longer teaching full time.)
Anyway, I’m sure this shoot will get a post of its own somewhere down the line, but here are three shots that stuck out to me from my first run-through of the pics:
And lastly, our final big event was the baby blessing of my newest nephew Ryan (who I took some photos of soon after he was born).
It’s incredible to me how people can handle raising more kids than they have hands (since I seem to be kept busy/stressed enough with just ONE), and so I think my sister and brother-in-law are pretty much rock stars for welcoming their sixth kid into the world.

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