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Soaking In the Last of Summer While Trying to Avoid the Sun

I’m trying desperately not to count down the days until summer ends for me and I have to go back to teaching, but I do this every year around now—I become determined to make every last summer weekend count, and I plan getaways and hikes and ice cream dates to try and savor every last bit of freedom left.

This year, the plans have had to change a bit due to the fact that we have a chubby little 4-month-old in tow and that I’ve been given strict orders from all my doctors to pretty much avoid the sun, but last weekend, we managed a little afternoon getaway at Bloomington Lake, which is about forty-five minutes away from Bear Lake (on the border between Utah and Idaho).

Funny story–as I was planning what we should do for our little excursion, I came across a website raving about the beauty of Bloomington Lake, and since I wanted our trip to take us past Bear Lake anyway (so that we could get some of our favorite milkshakes!), I excitedly mentioned it to Matt.

The funny part is, Matt had actually told me not too many days before that he really, really wanted to take me and Raven to this lake that he spent time at while on a Scout biking trip earlier this summer.

Well, they turned out to be the same place.


We left Logan in the afternoon (around 3:45 or so) and got to the trail head at about 5:30. I thought multiple times that our tires would surely pop on the 10 miles of bumpy dirt road going into the lake, but the car handled it like a champ (and I didn’t fret aloud too much because I was distracting myself by listening to Harry Potter on audiobook).

For anyone interested, this hike is totally worth the drive, and it’s a great hike for families because it’s so short (only about a mile each way, if even) and there’s a lot to see. Plus, if you’re up for swimming, the water’s pretty clean, too. (These are things that I think about.)

And I officially joined the “Finally Comfortable Breastfeeding Anywhere” Club because at one point halfway through our hike, I veered slightly off the trail and fed the baby right then and there on a large rock that most definitely had some bugs on it.

It’s moments like that when I REALLY get sad about having to stop nursing because it really is just so stinkin’ CONVENIENT.

Oh well— c’est la vie.

And now, for a whole bunch of pictures (because that’s what I do when we have an adorable kid and are in one of the prettiest places around—-I take about a bajillion and a half pictures).

We’re hoping to fit in some more summer fun before school starts for me on the 31st, so hopefully this won’t be the end of all the adventures in the sun for us (complete with me in long sleeves and pants, avoiding said sun). I have to go into work three days next week for contract hours though, so this weekend might be basically it for me.

So if anyone has any killer ideas of what we can do this weekend before said work days that doesn’t involve us being out in the middle of the day, I’m all ears.

And, to finish off this post that is more for the pictures than anything else, a photo of Raven letting us know that her adventure definitely was over for the evening.

Ha ha.

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