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Siblings Pics That Didn’t Involve Trespassing

Once upon a time in Kansas City, we attempted to take sibling pictures out by a lake–we semi-coordinated outfits (mostly involving black and denim with one distracting splash of pink), we were about to take a giggling picture of us all dipping our toes in the water, then all of a sudden, we almost got arrested for trespassing.

It easily made the top three all-time most awful confrontations of my life.

But, because we were coordinating and had our hair done and were all together anyway, we attempted the pics again, at a random park we came across after about 25 minutes of driving around in the middle of corn fields and fenced-in pastures.

However, as you can see, these pictures from that random park are more awkward than cute (with maybe the exception of the first one), largely because all creativity seemed to have been drained out of us by the unpleasant encounter that had happened right before.

 (Little known fact—apparently arranging yourself for sibling pics requires a lot of looking at your feet)
So we tried again about a week later, even though we’d all been camping and looked a little grungy.
Guess the third attempt is the charm 🙂

Three Fun Facts:

1) I am not, in fact, the shortest sibling–my sister Hannah is (the other brunette). But, because she has a propensity for wearing ridiculously tall heels most of the time, I get demoted to The Short One more often than not. The tallest of the bunch, coincidentally, is my younger brother (the youngest of us all).

2) None of us girls really knows what our natural hair color is. And, if you look at past pictures, we have at times had all four hair colors represented amongst the four of us (red, brown, blonde, black).

3) All six of us are musical, with our talents lying in different areas. All six of us play piano (in varying degrees), most of us play guitar (although my two brothers are far more advanced than any of the rest of us), we all sing, and one or more of us also plays banjo, saxophone, violin, organ, and the trumpet (I think). We could start a band, but our music tastes are so wildly all over the place that I’m not sure we would ever come to a consensus on our style.

Love you, siblings of mine! Glad we didn’t get arrested or anything in the past month.

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