What a Difference 7 Months Makes, Eh?


Same skirt, 7 months later. (First picture taken at almost 2 months pregnant, second picture taken at more than 8.5 months pregnant (aka, now)).

It is disturbing to me now that I originally thought that I looked a little bloated and full in the face in that first picture when I posted it back in August.

Oh, the naivete.

Little did I know how much water my body would be retaining in just a few months time..

But late pregnancy hugeness aside, here’s some news:

As of today’s doctor appointment, I’m officially dilated to a 3 and 95% effaced.

In other words, while I’ve been frantically trying to finish all my grading and get everything set up for this tiny human, my body has been plugging right along doing what it was meant to do all along.

Smart body.

And just think–as my sister put it, my labor process is almost a third of the way over. Weird to think about, eh? And I’ve hardly had to do anything about it except eat a lot of chocolate (because my sweet students keep bringing it in for me) and try to consciously avoid doing the full-term waddle as I make my way through the halls at the school.

My mom’s hoping for an Easter baby, but I’m fine with whenever Baby Girl decides to make her debut. My spring break starts next week (so it would be a little convenient if she came about a week before her due date), but I’m cool with her coming late, too—it will give me more time to work for pay instead of tacking more unpaid days onto my maternity leave.

So whatever you decide, baby.

I’m pretty much used to feeling like an encased sausage, anyway.


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