Financial Friday

Financial Friday: 11 Ways to Treat Yourself (for $5 or less!)


Happy Day of Love, people! In honor of the holiday, I put together a list of 11 ways to put a little more “happy” and “love” into your life, whether or not you have a special someone around.

Since my job lately has been a little less-than-fulfilling, I have started having to come up with ways to treat myself after work to give myself a bit of extra love for sticking with a challenging job. Happiness research shows that one of the quickest ways to feel a little happier is to give yourself a little treat and really take the time to savor and enjoy it.

So, without further elaboration, here are 15 little treats (all costing $5 or less) to put a little more spring in your step:

1.Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers from the local grocery store (I know for a fact that Smith’s always has little bouquets that are only $3-5 apiece). As I’ve mentioned before, having fresh flowers in the house is such a little thing, but it really brightens my mood every time I walk in the front door and see some.

2. On cold days that are almost destined to be miserable due to the low temps, drive yourself on over to the nearest 7-11 and get yourself a large cup of their hot chocolate. It’s amazing how quickly a $1.65 treat can make my mood go right through the roof. (I personally LOVE putting the mix-ins in the cocoa as well—my favorite combo is to fill the glass until about an inch and half is left in the cup, then fill the rest with their steamed milk mix. Then I add in either two little flavor cups of hazelnut or French Vanilla and one of half-and-half). If you’ve never tried their hot chocolate, do yourself a favor and change your life today by trying it out.

3. When time is strapped and you’re feeling particularly stressed, treat yourself to a few deep, calming breaths. It seems so simple, but whenever I remember to do this (like I did yesterday during my 3rd hour class), I instantly feel calmer and my mood usually perks right up.

4. Buy yourself a silly magazine that you don’t normally indulge yourself with (like People or In Style) for just $3-5 and give yourself permission to flip through the pages lazily as you sit in your car listening to music (or in your bed, in your sweats).

5. Hop online and watch an inspiring TED Talk or a Mormon Message on YouTube. Stepping back and reflecting on the important things in life is usually a quick way to put your problems and stress in perspective.

6. Buy a deliciously scented bottle of bubble bath and tell everyone who lives with you not to bother you for 30 minutes while you luxuriate in the feel of hot, sudsy water as it turns your skin to prunes. (This would also be an excellent place to indulge in said magazine as well.)

7. If you have any motivation whatsoever, go to a local Zumba or Pilates class at a nearby rec center or gym. I know at the Logan Rec Center, you can go to their adult aerobics classes for just $2, and I know for a fact that I always feel about a zillion times better after doing yoga for an hour or two.

8. One of the greatest luxuries for me is reading in bed in the morning. If you can, plan your schedule one day to allow you to read a book or a magazine in bed for the first half hour (or hour) upon waking. BEST way to start a day, hands down.

9. Spend 99 cents and buy a favorite song from iTunes, or better yet, just find it for free on YouTube and blast it loud. Give yourself permission to bust whatever crazy moves that come to mind, be they ballet, hip-hop, or Elaine-from-Seinfeld inspired.

10. As anyone who’s anyone knows, there are few things in life better than new socks. During this winter season, do yourself a favor and buy a pair of brightly colored knee-highs that will keep your feet warm AND bring a smile to your face.

11. Studies have shown that reflecting on happy times can help us to feel happier now, so pull up those vacation pictures and have a look-through (that’s one reason I love blogging—it’s a great way for me to look back and reflect on all the things I’ve been blessed with). If you’re wanting to go one step further, go ahead and order an enlargement of one of your favorite vacation shots. It only costs about $5 (or less, depending on the size you want). Put the picture somewhere where you’ll see it often.

How do you treat yourself for less than $5?

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