Celebrating Birthdays as Adults (+ Other Randomness)

When you start to get further into adulthood, one thing becomes painfully clear:

Birthdays are not what they once were.

Sure, you still do your best to make them special: you wake up early to make a peach tart for your spouse, you litter the bed with chocolates while he’s in the shower, you bake him his favorite cheesecake, and you get him a bunch of man movies for his collection.

But in the end, I still can’t change the fact that he had to take a test that day and that he had loads of homework and that we’re both stressed out of our minds this semester with everything going on.

On the bright side, it was nice that his birthday on Tuesday gave us an excuse to do something out of the ordinary for a weeknight: instead of spending any spare minutes studying (Matt) or doing dishes (me), we invited our friends over for cheesecake and games and celebrated his birthday with as much style as possible.

It might not go down in history as his most incredible birthday ever, but hopefully in the end, he knows how much I love him 🙂

Other random thoughts going through my head today (that I have to write down just because I think they’re kinda hilarious and/or strange and don’t want to forget them):

*One of my students got me a Diet Dr. Pepper as an early birthday gift the other day, which shocked me because he’s been getting trouble a ton in my class lately. My shock ended when I tried opening the thing about an hour after he gave it to me—the entire thing exploded everywhere. I was so surprised that I let out a squeal, and the few students who were in the room all looked over to see the cause of the commotion. The mischievous little sucker must have REALLY shaken that thing up if it was still that explosive after an hour. Seriously.

*We’re only one month into school, and I’ve already made more students cry and break down in four weeks than I did in all last year combined. And we’re not talking little tears here and there (although I’ve had those too)–I’m talking all-out freak-outs, complete with heaving shoulders, shuddery sobs, and loud bawls. The weirdest thing? Almost all of them have been by boys.

Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend—even though we’re just as busy as ever, I’ve got my own birthday coming up on Sunday, and we have plans to have ourselves a little fun time tomorrow in between applying for grad school and volunteering at an animal shelter (Matt) and donating plasma and going on a run and cleaning the house (me).

Do you have a trick for making your birthdays special as an adult?

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