Birthday Week



Well folks, I’m 28 big ones today. You wanna know how I celebrated? By having to work over 12 hours due to parent-teacher conferences while running on way less sleep than normal.

Luckily, although Matt nor I celebrated much for our birthdays this year (his was last week), we have an awesome trip coming up to look forward to.

Even though this school year is going off much more easily than last year’s did, I still feel like I never have time for anything, which includes blogging. I apologize for the silence around here lately–I’m hoping I can get back on the blogging train soon enough.

For now, I’m just grateful for how rosy 28 looks already–sure, we don’t really know what all is going to be happening over the next year (since Matt and I are in the process of applying to PT school again), but what we do know looks pretty promising.

Here’s looking at you, 28—

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