Goodbye Summer Version of Myself

Goodbye, summer Torrie. I’m sure Matt appreciated you while you were here.

Goodbye to the me that:

*didn’t care if her hair was pulled back more days than not
*always felt like she had plenty of time for everything
*took morning runs
*learned to be okay with wearing less makeup
*took naps whenever she read too long
*finished 4-5 books a month on average
*did writing right after the morning run
*laughed about problems
*acted her age
*didn’t think about school one second longer than she absolutely had to
*naturally wanted to eat healthy due to the plethora of produce around
*had plenty of motivation to do everything and anything, including housework

Hello, fall Torrie. I’ve gotta say, you’re way better than winter Torrie, but I’m still not exactly excited to see you again.

Hello to the me that:

*constantly stresses over 150 kids that aren’t hers
*has a hard time not talking about school 24/7
*either acts like a middle-aged, no-fun dictator or a 13-year-old girl
*has to try and fit in runs at night
*craves comfort food and Diet Dr. Pepper to get her through the day
*never feels like she has any time for anything
*is lucky to finish two or three books a month
*gripes about all her problems
*has no motivation to do anything upon getting home from work
*feels like she has to look “put-together” all the time, which includes a full face of makeup and hair that doesn’t involve a top knot (too often, anyway)


I need to bring a little more summer Torrie into my life year-round, I think.

Are you a different version of yourself with the changing of the seasons? Or am I just a weirdo?

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