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The Scarf I Wanna Wrap Up & Die In

Because it’s too hot in our apartment for me to have the motivation to go through all our pictures from our St. George trip, I’m going to show off the most deliciously sexy silk scarf ever.

I’ve only recently gotten on the scarf bandwagon, but it seems like I won’t be getting off it anytime soon (even though my mom recently marvelled how I could possibly stand to wear scarves–silk or otherwise–in the dead heat of summer).

But how could I resist (the heat be d-ead), when I found this Mondrian-esque mint & blue number at Coldwater Creek for half off its already discounted price?

Basically what I’m saying is this: I got this $50 scarf for $17.50.

I am the bargain maestra.

Plus, even though I normally hate shoe shopping (my female gene for it must have been left out at birth or something), I managed to pick up 3 new pairs on a girls-only outing with my mom.

There’s just something about a peep-toe stiletto that I can’t resist.

Plus they show off my pedicure (which was only the 2nd pedicure I’ve ever gotten in the U.S.–which coincidentally also happened to be the only time in my life I’ve overheard a very heated argument in Korean between two salon employees. Seriously, I was worried my foot would be pumiced right off).

What are your thoughts for scarves in the summer—yay or nay?



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