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Celebrating Medium(ish) Victories–40 Lbs. Down!

It’s not much of a secret that I’m a pretty driven person–generally when I set out to do something, I hit it pretty hard until I actually meet my goal or admit fair defeat. While my single-mindedness when it comes to reaching my goals can be (and often is) a great thing, it does sometimes mean that I get a little obsessive about the finish line–that rather than looking around and enjoying the spot I’m currently at, I have eyes only for the prize shimmering off in the distance.

I definitely am like that with this whole postpartum weight loss business–I see all these clothes I still can’t fit into and all these pictures of myself from before I got pregnant, and it’s all I can do to not rip my hair without frustration every time I step on the scale or every time I try on something else that doesn’t fit. But I’m trying to be better about not being so hard on myself and appreciating my body for all it can do (especially since it’s really been through a lot the last three and a half months), so I thought I’d celebrate the medium(ish) victories today—

1.  I have lost 40 pounds since April (!)

2. I finally caved and bought some new clothes the other week, and I only had to buy them one size up from where I was before getting pregnant

3. When I suck in my stomach, it actually kind of looks flat-ish, instead of it still looking about 4.5 months pregnant

4. Today I tried on these gray shorts that I used to wear all the time last summer but that I haven’t been able to fit into since having the baby. Not only was I able to zip them up and button them this morning, but they weren’t so tight that I had to take them right off again–in fact, I’ve been wearing them all day. I’ll have you know that this is the first day I’ve worn a pair of shorts/pants that hasn’t been maternity since having the baby. Woo hoo!

5. I can now wear about one-half of the clothes in my closet (not counting any maternity clothing, which I’ve put all away except for a few pairs of pants and leggings). Considering that a month and a half ago, I could maybe wear about six shirts comfortably, this is a pretty big feat. I can’t imagine what it will feel like to know that everything in my closet fits again. How will that be?!

(Please admire the construction equipment in the back of these pictures–it really adds to the classiness of me)

I’ve still got about 15 pounds to go before I’m for sure the size I was before getting pregnant, but it sure is good to see I’m heading in the right direction!

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