Spontaneous Cheese Date

Yesterday I came home from the school with a raging headache, only to come home and find Matt at his wit’s end as he slogged through hours’ worth of French homework.

Something had to be done.

We needed some cheap cheese, and stat.

Remember this bad day, when the only fix was a 50-pc. discounted box of Fat Boys from the nearby Fat Boy factory?

Well, in order to fix our humdrum day yesterday, we decided to go take a short little vacay to Gossner’s cheese, where they have cubes of cheese and cracker spreads just waiting for hungry (and poor) little mouths to snatch them up. Did I mention that this is all for free? Oh, how I love that we are so close to all these factories and farms where all the magic is made (Translation: Oh, how I love that we are close to all these factories and farms where I can pick up all my guilty pleasures for next to nothing).

We couldn’t leave without Matt picking up some cheese curds for the way home, so we picked up a cheap $2 bag and went away squeaking with happiness.

Oh, and then we got milkshakes from Arctic Circle with a Buy One/Get One Free coupon I had, and came home and watched Rush Hour 2.
Here’s to cheap, spontaneous dates!!

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