Photo Walk

Photo Walk – Tony’s Grove Area

Last week when I got my haircut, I got an excellent recommendation from my hairdresser (Summer Stott at the Center St Salon in Logan—she’s amazing!); she told me about how her and her husband loved to go to a place up Logan Canyon called Tony’s Grove. I had heard of it, but had never been there and had no idea where it even was. After she gave me simple directions on how to get there and said that she felt like she was “in heaven” every time she went, I made up my mind right then and there to make it the next location for our photo walk.

Unfortunately, this last week’s snowstorms prevented us from staying too long in the actual Tony’s Grove area (check out the photos of the lake, above), but we were able to get some killer shots down in the canyon right around the corner from it.

Love the fall colors we were able to enjoy today!

(This last picture was taken from the front seat. I thought that was pretty cool!)

After our little autumn adventure, we came home to make some Cinnamon Love Knots (recipe to follow) and sing duets from Phantom of the Opera (because we’re cheesy like that).

Happy Sunday!

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