Conference Weekend

For General Conference weekend, Matt and I headed back to Bountiful to go see the family and to go hear the inspired messages of our church leaders.

While Matt went off to go see the Priesthood Session (the session just for men), I went and met up with a bunch of my mission buddies at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake. Even though all of us served our missions in El Salvador, we were still blown away by how good (and authentic) this Mexican restaurant was; definitely worth checking out!

It was so much fun especially to see my first “daughter” in the mission (the first full-time missionary that I trained). I was with her longer than I was with any other companion, and we just really clicked. People even thought we were sisters in real life. I also loved seeing a couple of my other favorite companions there (I had so many favorite companions in the mission—I loved them all!), as well as some other sisters who I would hang out with at the larger meetings.

And of course, since the Red Iguana happens to be conveniently located across the street from my favorite restaurant ever (Leatherby’s), I managed to convince all the hermanas to hop across the construction medians and split huge ice cream sundaes.

The rest of our weekend was spent watching the conference with our families, playing Settlers of Catan, and watching Matthew sword-fight with his brother (I know–he’s nerdy. I like nerdy).

A great weekend, overall!

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