Change It Up Challenge

Change It Up – Fail

For my eight or so faithful readers out there, No, I have not forgotten about nor given up on my Change It Up Challenges. Last week I had a valid excuse – I was on spring break, which therefore meant that I was on spring break from all of my blogging responsibilities as well 🙂 . And this week, I had actually planned a Change It Up Challenge, but I backed out of it at the last minute. You see, this might come as a surprise to some of you, but I have never before gone in to get a manicure. I did go in and get fake nails one time (which made me vow that I would never do such a silly thing again when I painfully had to rip them all off without acetone about 2 1/2 weeks later), but other than that, I have never had my natural nails done. The last time I painted my nails any color period (other than clear) was 9 years ago, when I was 15. I painted them navy blue for my sister’s wedding and thought they looked so ugly that I vowed that I would never paint my nails ever again.

Well, my bitter loathing against nail polish on my fingernails had apparently subsided quite a bit, considering that I was planning on going in and getting them done for my bridals yesterday. But I didn’t end up going. Why? Well, the reasons are mysterious, even to me. I technically had the money to do it, but I kept reasoning that I didn’t–that there were too many other important things to spend it on (a weak argument, considering that I dropped another $35 at Borders buying more books that will only be added to my To-Be-Read Stack, that has grown dangerously high and now contains perhaps close to 100 books). I reasoned that I didn’t have the time, even though I somehow managed to scrape together enough minutes to watch a couple episodes of What Not To Wear and play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. But I guess overall, the reason that finally won out was this–well, there were two: I figured that they wouldn’t really be seen in the pictures anyway (partially true), and two, they’re not really “me.” Why would I go and spend time and money to get something done to me that I never had really done before, and would probably never do after? Long story longer, I didn’t go, and I’m not sorry about it. Except I feel like a bum for opting out of my own challenge this week.

So sorry, you eight readers out there, for cheating you out of the pleasure of reading my CIU Challenge two weeks in a row. I am scum. I grovel at your knees, begging for forgiveness. Pretty please forgive me??

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