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50 Book Challenge

I’ve been a proud member of shelfari since 2007, which is how I came across the idea of “The 50 Book Challenge.” This year I grew a bit tired at the idea of setting a million resolutions that I usually just forgot about anyway, so I decided to have a little bit of fun this year when it came to goal-setting. According to an article by msnbc, 25-50% of Americans read zero books within a year. The average reported number read was 4. Now, I’ve always been a book enthusiast (that’s probably a bit of an understatement), and as a pre-teen, I set goals to read 200 books within the year (and almost met it). However, as a busy college student, I’ve found that my time to read is more and more limited, with homework and tutoring and writing and my fiance and my friends taking up the bulk of my time.

So, in an effort not to completely ditch the idea of doing the typical NYRs (New Year’s Resolutions), I have decided to take up Shelfari’s 50 Book Challenge. The 50-Book Challenge is basically just what it sounds like–the challenge to read 50 books within one year, which means finishing about one a week. To keep myself motivated, I’m going to review each one of the 50 books I read here on blogger. As I heard so much on my mission, when goals are written and also reported, the results accelerate. So I’m going to do both here–write and report. Here’s to my best year yet!!!

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