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Faithful Reader Giveaway!!

Hey everyone! In honor of my 200th post on Autodidactic Ambitions (that would be this post, mind you), I am going to be the oh-so-generous person that I am and give away a $15 gift certificate to to one lucky reader of Autodidactic Ambitions. All you have to do to enter is:1. Follow this blog2. …



I’m so bummed out. We had big plans to go home to Bountiful this Friday night after work and spend a leisurely long weekend full of food, fireworks, and family. Matt told me yesterday that he has to work up here on Saturday night, meaning that we’ll probably have to miss (or just be very …

Photo Walk

Photo Walk – Colors

Because our last photo walk theme of trying to find all the colors of the rainbow didn’t work out so hot (our fault for trying before the spring had fully come), we decided to give it another whirl today. Happy Sabbath!