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I Can Actually Clean My House Again! {June 2021 Goals}

Since March 1st, I have literally been going pretty much nonstop on flower farming stuff with every single spare second I had. But now, after three solid months of craziness, the flower farm is basically 100% planted out (with the exception of a few succession plantings of things that are still in the grow room), which means—I can actually clean my house for the first time in months!

While I did try and stay on top of the absolute minimum chores (like running the dishwasher every day and doing a few loads of laundry a week), our home has been sorely neglected all spring. In fact, I’ve basically done the exact opposite of spring cleaning—-I’ve done all sorts of spring neglecting! So, even though housework and I have a complicated history, I’m actually (dare I say) kind of excited to finally be able to get back to it again.

Already in the week or so since we planted everything out, I’ve completely emptied kitchen counters that literally haven’t been clear in months, relocated clothing bins that have sat in the wrong place since moving in, and I’ve also started working (again) on my decluttering challenge with gusto.

At this rate, who knows? Maybe I’ll actually even get around to finally showing you some before/after posts in the next couple months of all the work we’ve done in the new house since moving in. We can always dream!

Here’s how the last month shook out:

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May Goals

  • Plan something special to celebrate our 10-year anniversary (it doesn’t have to be for this month)
    • Usually I’m better at planning the fun stuff, but May was nuts. Rollover to June. (For the record, on our actual anniversary, we celebrated 10 years of marriage with a Sam’s Club run and a night of pupusas with friends (along with all of our kids and their kids, too). Not conventional, but actually a really fun night!).
  • Go on family hike
    • I’d thought about doing this Memorial Day, but we were coming off of a weekend of having colds and still needed to plant out the rest of the flower farm, so this didn’t happen either.
  • Revise and post update on 101 in 1001 list
    • I have revised it, and I’m working on the blog update. Getting close!
  • Order sandbox for kids
    • We ended up ordering this one from Wayfair after all, but we still need to assemble it and fill it.
  • Find dentist for kids
    • Still no, ugh. Hopefully now that the flower farm is planted out, I’ll have more time for nagging household tasks.
  • Finish building and filling all garden beds
    • Yes…and no. Yes, because we built and filled all of the beds we were PLANNING on doing at the beginning of the month. No, because after we had the 8 built, we decided we actually should build one more to “even it out” so that it didn’t look awkward, lol. I’m cool with that!
  • Transplant out first succession of all tender annuals
    • YES, AND I’M SO RELIEVED!!! We got them all out in the nick of time (literally on the last day of the month), but it’s so satisfying to have pretty much all the flowers out in the ground. Of course now, we just have to actually WAIT for them to grow and produce, but…one step at a time 🙂
  • Try out a seedling sale
    • I did this, and I was pretty pleased with how it went! For future years, I’ll want to hold it on a different weekend and have more seedlings overall to offer, but for just dipping my foot in, it was perfect.
  • Post on the other blog about the start-up costs for the flower farm
    • Nope, still haven’t done this. But I actually think it will be better to wait because I’m flip-flopping on some possible (big) costs to add to this year’s expense sheet (like doing a high tunnel), so I think it would be better to do this post in October or so, when the first growing season is pretty much over.
  • Post summer reading list
    • Yep, sure did! And you can find it right HERE. (Now, as to whether or not I’ll actually get around to READING everything on it this summer will be a different story, but it’s nice to dream!)
  • Sell Buick
    • Uh, no. It’s still not even listed. You guys, I’m seriously the worst at selling our cars…
The puppies are the neighbors’ (don’t get excited)

June Goals

  • Celebrate Mathias’s birthday
    • Our little man turns 3 this month! We don’t do big parties for our kids, but we usually try and celebrate with the grandparents who live locally and go on a little adventure of some kind.
  • Potty train Mathias
    • This has been months in the making, and I really can’t put it off anymore. Potty training is my least favorite part of parenting so far, but it’s gotta be done.
  • Make well-check appointments for all three kids
    • Between Mathias turning 3 this month and Hyrum turning 18 months and us skipping a well-check appointment for Raven in April, we’re due for all three kids.
  • Find dentist for the kids
    • Rollover goal.
  • Move playhouse out to backyard
    • Santa brought the kids this playhouse last Christmas (which we got for way cheaper than the price it’s listed at currently), and it’s been sitting in our front room ever since. Now that it’s warm outside, we need to move it out to its permanent location in the backyard.
  • Set up and fill sandbox for kids
    • As mentioned above, we bought this sandbox off of Wayfair, and it’s already been delivered. Now we just need to assemble it and fill it.
  • Plan something special to celebrate our 10-year anniversary
    • Rollover goal.
  • Build and fill one more garden bed
    • And for real, this is the last raised bed! (For this year, at any rate.)
  • Resume work on kitchen floor
    • Now that the flower farm is all planted out, I have a slight lull before I’m then bogged down by constant harvesting. Our Saturdays thus far have been spent working on the farm, but I’m hoping we can at least squeeze in one day of work on the kitchen floor, since it’s now really starting to get to me that I haven’t had a kitchen floor in over six months.
  • Put rug adhesive down on all the rugs (we’re trying out this one)
    • This is one of those nagging tasks that will take all of a half hour that I’ve been putting off for months.
  • Pack away winter coats and boots
    • We have two places we hang coats and put shoes, both of which are looking super cluttered right now. Since it’s not winter anymore, I need to just pack all the coats and boots away so that those two areas are no longer eyesores.
  • Make a trip to the donation center
  • Plant all containers for front porch + clear off porch
    • Our porch has been covered in the seedlings that I’m hardening off, potting mix, and other gardening supplies since March. Time to clean it up and actually make it welcoming!
  • Source black landscape fabric for expanding front bed
    • The quickest way to expand beds without having to borrow a tiller is to simply put black landscape fabric down for about a month. I’m looking into buying some from here, but I haven’t committed for sure yet.
  • Clear out all boxes from our bedroom
    • We’ve lived in our new house for over six months, but we still have some “box hot spots” where stuff was piled up so high that there are still boxes left over from the move that need to be sorted. I have 10 boxes sitting in our room currently.
  • Clear out pantry boxes from master closet
    • In addition to the 10 boxes in our master bedroom, we also have more boxes in the master closet, including 2 or 3 that are really supposed to be in the pantry. While the ideal would be to go through and unpack all of them, I’ll just start with the pantry boxes, since those should be straightforward enough.
  • Read two books off of my Summer Reading List
  • List Buick
    • Cuz you know, I’ve gotta have an eternigoal on here every month.

Here’s to a productive — but not crazy — June!

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