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Honey, We’re Home (Again)

Yesterday we got back from spending a week out in forested, cabin-filled, wildlife-everywhere-you-turn paradise, and it was awe-inspiring and creativity-fueling and (surprisingly) body-rejuvenating while still being stuffed full of memories of family and adventure and just a wee bit of craziness.

In other words, it was everything a vacation should be.

And, while I can’t wait to share some of the photos and experiences with you, I will say this—

I’m sure glad to be HOME again.

Home, where our squatty potty lives (oh squatty potty, how did I ever live without you before),

Home, where my stash of Hershey kisses is on the second-to-top shelf,

Home, where we have a hefty container of kosher salt available at our command (and not the gross iodized cheap-o stuff),

Home, where the laundry piles are plentiful and the bags still need unpacking…

Home, where we can crash on couches and in cribs and on fluffy white comforters and take hour-long naps without fear of pranksters or intruders or wee bitty nieces coming in to interrupt us.


Sometimes, you just need an adventurous week away to show you how much joy and comfort and peace lives around you the other 51 weeks of the year.

So glad to be back.

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