His/Hers: Breakfast

One of the things I love most about summer is the slowness of the morning–during the school year, I wake up at 5:40 A.M. every morning and spend the next 45 minutes racing around the dark apartment in a crazed frenzy prepping my breakfast, doing my hair, packing a lunch, and trying to find a work-appropriate outfit. From there, my work mornings only seemed to escalate in stress as I wrangle my way through an often-frustrating commute along a one-lane highway, make last-minute copies for that day’s lessons (because I’m the Queen of Procrastination), and field students’ queries that seem to start from the moment I set foot behind my teacher desk to the moment the tardy bell rings.
Mornings as a teacher are exhausting.
But summer mornings as a teacher?
I’m convinced I’ve died and gone to some kind of warm, breezy heaven where most mornings seem to be my ideal morning: sleep in past seven (or eight) o’clock, take a leisurely run for a few miles, and then have fun playing around with my breakfast (and my camera) before eating.
And while every summer morning doesn’t look this scrumptious, I sure am happy to report that at least this one did.
(Please admire the fact that his is about three times the size of mine with about double the amount of chocolate & sugar)
And now, after a run and a strawberry-filled morning, I feel ready to tackle some more moving boxes, maybe knock out another 100 pages in Divergent, scope out some good spots for my photo shoot tonight, and maybe even take a nap.
Summer, you are good to me!


What does your ideal summer morning look like? And do you get a chance to ever have one?
 (By the way, this breakfast is just a simple German Pancakes recipe (courtesy of The Food Nanny, in our case) topped with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar, and a little drizzle of chocolate syrup)

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