His/Hers: Special Talents

We’ve all got our special talents in life. Here are some of ours:

*peeling off price stickers (or any sticker) without leaving behind residue
*making dainty icicles with frosting on gingerbread houses (who knew?)
*taking pictures of my bum (embarrassing, but apparently it’s a special talent since he’s always doing it)
*making up really impressive rhyming songs on the spot (oh my wifey/ I like to kiss you / Aaaand you like/ To kiss me too)
*tuning me out perfectly when he’s playing League of Legends
*chopping vegetables into itty-bitty pieces
*opera-like shower singing
*rinsing off dishes better than any other human in all of history
*shaking his eyes back and forth really quick (almost like they’re vibrating—creepy)

*ripping off price stickers so fast that ALL the residue is left
*eating dainty icicles made with frosting
*getting mad at Matt for taking so many pictures of said bum (and muttering in exasperation as I have to delete 8-10 pictures every batch for that very reason)
*making up really impressive counter-songs to Matt’s on the spot (Yes I like to kiss you too / But you’ve still got some work to do / So sit down and do your physics / Before I run upstairs and go to sleeee-eep)
*continuing to talk incessantly even when I know he isn’t listening when playing League of Legends
*chopping vegetables into large chunks meant for real people
*jazz-like shower singing
*rinsing off dishes worse than any other human in all of history (and politely nodding my head every time I get a lecture on the subject)
*opening my eyes really wide and shaking my head back and forth so fast that my brain starts to vibrate (creepy)

What are some special talents you have?