Year in Review

Okay, I’ll Bite: 2013 in Review

The blogosphere has been overflowing with “year in review” posts—-people reflecting on new houses bought, babies born, college graduations attended, trips to Europe, yada yada yada.

I’m usually not one to participate in such posts—I mean, even just reading about some people’s years makes me feel a little inadequate because we haven’t exactly reached some of the big milestones that other people our age have (babies, mortgages, knowing our general future plans, etc.).

But that’s not to say that we haven’t had a GREAT year–sure, it’s been filled with the usual ups and downs, but overall, it’s been a year for the books.

Some of the hard stuff:
I lost my dear grandpa in January
I learned a lesson about judging people and accepting criticism the hard way
– I finished my first year of teaching and started my second, but still sometimes wonder if teaching is something I can handle long-term

Some of the firsts:
first time buying a DSLR
first time planting our very own vegetable garden and first time canning produce
– first time for me visiting Bryce Canyon
– first time for Matt visiting my dad in Kansas City

Some of the fun stuff:
I went to girls’ camp as a leader for the second year
We went to a “Highland Games” family reunion, which was basically awesome
We took a trip down to St. George with my mom and stepdad after the school year was over to decompress

Some of a little of everything:
I had to get a colonoscopy (my first) in November to check out what has been ailing my stomach for the past several years
Despite getting back into running, I still didn’t lose weight (but learn that that’s not the only indicator of progress)
– Got massively sick with the flu over Christmas (still am sick, as a matter of fact), but still managed to make my first roast turkey and finish my goal of organizing my entire home by the year’s end

What did 2013 hold in store for you? What would be in your “year of review?”

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