True Love Isn’t a Fairy Tale or Even a Country Song

In ten days, Matt and I will have been married exactly two and a half years, and you know what?

I’m learning more and more about what true love means every week.

Take two weekends ago, for example–we had just gone to our appointment with the dentist, and we were both looking forward to getting some food at Herm’s Inn and having some relaxation time at home.

Enter my crazy photographer self into the picture:

“Matt! Look how perfect the leaves are! If we don’t take pictures NOW, we’ll miss them forever. Pretty please can we go up the canyon and take pictures?!”

Looking over at Matt’s face, I could tell he clearly didn’t want to go–he would much rather get his homework out of the way so that he could enjoy the rest of his weekend without stress.

But, Matt being wonderful, he agreed to come with me.

Take a look at my shoes in this picture—while completely adorable (I’ll admit it), they are not exactly on friendly terms with walking over a mile on gravelly paths, but that is exactly what I set out to do.

About halfway through the trek, I was starting to get blisters, and my shoes were not exactly helping me to walk quickly.

Matt could have done a lot of things in the situation—he could have criticized me (fairly) for my poor shoe choice, he could have made fun of me for being such a girl, or he could have done exactly what he did:

Give me a piggyback ride almost the entire way back to the car so my feet wouldn’t hurt any worse.


Or for another example:

I had to get a colonoscopy yesterday (TMI?), and for those of you unfamiliar with the pre-procedure stuff, it isn’t pleasant—you have to basically drink only clear liquids for two days straight and take laxatives to flush out your system.

It is decidedly unsexy.

But you know what true love is?

True love is being able to joke about the situation without fear or self-consciousness or shyness. True love means that when you’re totally saying crazy things while still under anesthesia, your significant other doesn’t laugh at you or make you feel stupid—

He just holds your hand and says that he loves you and that he’s glad everything seems to be all right because he doesn’t know what he’d do without you.

Sure, true love might not always be sexy or dramatic or like it is in the movies—

But it sure is amazing to love another human being more than yourself.

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