Our Spontaneous, Non-Gourmet Picnic

This school year is proving even busier than last year’s, a feat I never thought possible.

Matt is swamped with his classes, labs, and work, and we’re both feeling the intense pressure of having to go through the application process to get him into a PT school. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to have to juggle my more-than-full-time job (I currently put in about 10 hours a day), my busy church calling, and the constant level of housework.

After a Saturday full of studying and working (Matt) and doing laundry, chores, and cooking (me), we decided to call quits on responsible stuff for the day and go on a little picnic.

Although hardly glamorous, our picnic of sliced watermelon from our own garden, pb & j sandwiches, and store-bought cookies was such a welcome break from the busy-ness of the day.

We packed up our little cooler and headed up to Logan Canyon, our favorite place for a quick getaway into nature. We decided to stop at Hydro Park, a well-kept Logan secret that I only discovered about a year and a half ago, and we ended up being the only ones there.

A breezeless 70-degree day, a quiet park, and a to-die-for watermelon?

I’d say that’s a pretty perfect way to spend a fall Saturday afternoon.

Even if Matt does love taking pictures of me eating, for some crazy reason.

The other greatest part?

Getting to feel like kids again as we took full advantage of the swings (and teased each other that we were “married” as we swung at the same time).


It’s dates like this that remind me that spontaneous dates are almost always my favorite dates, and that I need to plan to be more spontaneous.

(Get it? PLAN to be more spontaneous? I’m so funny.)

Anywho, I leave you on this final note:

two pictures of Matt and I both looking possessed and more than a little creepy.

What’s your favorite spontaneous date idea? Or do you go more for planned dates?

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