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5 Adult Things I Stink At

Here I am, just three and a half weeks shy of turning 27, and there are still tons of “adult” things I totally stink at. When marks the true transition to true “adult” status? (I’ll tell you one thing–it’s definitely not turning 18, in my book). Perhaps some of these things I’ll never really be a natural at, but a girl can always hope, eh?

Adult Failure #1: I am truly abysmal at making doctor and dentist appointments. I’ve always hated talking on the phone (especially to strangers), but there’s just something particularly awful about calling a doctor’s office—perhaps because I know the ensuing appointment probably won’t be the best hour and a half of my life? Anyway, here we are, paying an arm and a leg for dental and health insurance, and we have yet to take advantage of the free dental check-ups or the free physical.

Adult Failure #2: I am generally inept at communicating my wants and needs. I’ve always been pretty nonconfrontational,  so I almost always prefer to just swallow my pet peeves rather than lay them out in the open. I know I need to work on this, but I really just hate the drama.

Adult Failure #3: I listen to teeny bopper music and dance like a fool as bad as the worst of ’em. I also have several guilty chick flicks that I feel I shouldn’t be allowed to like now that I’m over 21, among which are John Tucker Must Die, She’s the Man, and the newer Mamma Mia. In other words, I seem to have refined my taste only in books and in cheese, and nothing else.

Adult Failure #4: Any routine, nearly-daily chore, such as washing dishes, doing laundry, or putting away my shoes manages to just not get done half the time. (And the other half of the time, it’s usually done by Matt. I somehow am still stuck in the mindset that if I wait long enough, the problem will just disappear). Basically, I can go about a month before running a load of clothes through, and that’s the truth. Due to the plethora of clothing stuffing up my closet, this normally wouldn’t be too bad perhaps, but it does get a bit disturbing once you start factoring my running clothes into the equation…

Adult Failure #5: I do not regularly brush my teeth more than once a day. Each night before bed, I will always brush thoroughly and floss, but I have never been much of a morning brusher. Of course, I happened to get pretty lucky in the teeth department (seeing as I’ve rarely had any cavities in my life, and the last one was probably ten years ago), so I don’t worry myself too much over it.

Now that you’re thoroughly grossed out (and utterly grateful that you’re not married or living with me), what are the “adult” things you still haven’t managed to make into habits?

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