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I Read Real Books

My students seem to be slightly obsessed with all the e-reader options available today–they’ve asked permission to bring everything from Kindles to Nooks to iPhones to read in class, and they’ve repeatedly asked me for months to tell them yet again how to cite page numbers off of an e-book.

While I can see the convenience of carrying a digital book over a print one, I think I can safely say that I will always be a paper-and-glue kind of girl.

Why I like paper books:
*they smell like fresh pages and a heaven of possibilities
*they make me look all studious and serious and smart-like
*I can write my deep and brilliant thoughts right in the margins and highlight the parts I particularly like
*They’re kind of necessary to build up the home library I’ve envisioned having for years

So, to feed my bookish addiction, Matt and I made our annual visit to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale at USU, where almost everything is 50% off its cover price (and I get an extra discount for being an educator).

Case in point?

We got all the books above for just over $90.

Where do you stand on the real books vs. digital books issue?


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