I’m bummed that Matt will be gone on a campout for most of this weekend.
I’m happy that I’ll get some extra reading time in (although not with my cute niece, who’s reading with me in the above picture).

I’m frustrated that several of my students still haven’t finished their research papers, even though they’ve had well over a month to work on it in class.
I’m flattered that enough of my students nominated me for being a great teacher that I won our weekly teacher drawing today ($5 to Wendy’s–boo yah).

I’m mad that it’s snowing again because it’s making me think that Logan will never warm up.
I guess I’m grateful we’re getting the moisture because our dry old state needs it.

I’m feeling overwhelmed because I have SO much grading to do before the trimester ends next week.
I’m excited that the trimester is over because it means I’m 2/3 of the way done with my first year of teaching.

I hated being woken up last night by a horrific nightmare that left me shaking and unable to fall back asleep for awhile.
I’m grateful that I had the nightmare while Matt was there because he woke me up when he heard me whimpering and comforted me until I was calm enough to sleep again.

I’ve been on hall duty all week, which I dread.
The week’s over, so I can enjoy my freedom during the next month of lunches.

I’m not looking forward to how much cleaning and laundry I have to do this weekend.
I’m grateful that I have a place of my own to have to clean and enough clothing that I can go weeks (months, really) without doing laundry. Well, besides underwear.

I’m upset there’s a glitch in the travel plans we’ve made to go down to Bryce over Matt’s spring break.
I’m excited that we’ll still be able to go, even if I might have to shuffle things around and reschedule.

What are the two sides of your life lately?

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