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Procrastination Inventory

This trimester, I started teaching a Study Skills class, which is a fancy name for a class where I basically babysit all the kids who aren’t doing their work. I am trying to teach them some life skills too though (in addition to just making them do their homework every day), and this week we’ve been talking all about procrastination.

They say that the best teachers are the ones learning right along with their students, and let me tell ya–I have learned a LOT about myself over the course of this week.

I always knew I had a problem with procrastination–I never took it quite to the extreme of these particular students (because I actually turn everything in on time), but I literally wait until almost the last possible minute to do almost everything: papers, phone calls, grading, cleaning . . . you name it, I put it off.

Or so I thought.

The survey up there is one that I filled out right alongside my kids, and it was a real eye-opener for me. Turns out, I DON’T procrastinate everything–in fact, some things I’m very good at taking care of right away (like anything to do with our finances). And some of the things that I put check marks by were things I didn’t even REALIZE I was putting off–like developing my hobbies/talents or severing an unsatisfying relationship.

I figured that to help my students fix the problem, they first had to recognize that there WAS a problem.

Guess I needed to take some of my own advice.

Later on (probably next week–I’ll put it off until then), I’ll be posting about how I plan to actually start tackling my procrastination problem.

In the meantime, I’m curious as to how you’d answer the survey. If the one up there is too itty-bitty for you, you’ll find a link to it here.

What surprised you most?

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