Alaska Cruise Wrap-Up

Well, here it is: the last Alaska post.

It’s about time, eh?

But just to finish off, I decided to just post a couple other pictures that didn’t seem to really fit anywhere else. Like these pictures from the two formal nights.

(P.S. I totally loved how my hair turned out for the first formal night, when I’m in black. I am SO not good with hair, so the fact that it turned out looking half-fancy was an accomplishment for me!)

Funny side note: Matt absolutely refused to stay in his tux any longer than he had to. So basically, as soon as dinner was over on both formal nights, he booked it to our stateroom to get changed.

(Although I must add that I was pretty keen myself to get into clothes that allowed me to breathe a little more freely, esp. after eating such huge dinners every night.)

Until next time, Alaska–stay cool! 

Until next time, Golden Princess (I’m totally already shopping for our next cruise!).

And, as usual, Have A Good Day!!

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