Alaska Cruise – Quick Stats

So before my trip (in this post), I made a few fun little predictions about what would and would not happen on this cruise. To save you the trouble of having to go back and check them out again, I’ve posted them here for your comparing convenience.

You’re welcome.

And thus follows my original predictions:

– I will come home exactly 5.5 pounds heavier
– My memory card will have 1,500 new pictures on it
– I will not fall in my heels on formal night
– I will not get eaten by a whale
– I will see a whale though
– I will spend at least $300 more than I planned
– I will get sunburned, but not too much
– I will not be ready to start full-time work the day after getting back

But here is a brief summary of what really happened:

-I only came back TWO pounds heavier (that’s right baby–after eating six desserts on most days and having some kind of steak 4 out of 7 nights, I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself)
-Quick extra tidbit: Matt only gained one.
-Quick extra extra tidbit: some people in our group gained over ten
-My memory card has only 970 new picture on it. However, we did steal copies of all of Matt’s mom’s pictures, and SHE took over 1,500. So I feel okay.
-I didn’t fall in my heels on (either) formal night, although I did have a few close calls
-Amazingly, I did not get eaten by a whale
-And we did, indeed, see a whale. I saw one. Matt saw two, maybe two and a half.
-To be honest, I still don’t know how much I spent. Still waiting on all those charges to come through…keep your fingers crossed…
-I guess you could say I got sunburned, but not really. It went away overnight.
-I was definitely NOT ready to wake up at 5:30 this morning to get ready and head off to my new job. All is well though–they had cupcakes and breakfast waiting for me. Not at the same time.

And to tide you over until my Tell-All tomorrow (special Alaska edition), here is my very favorite picture of Matt and me from the cruise. And for reals, there is NO photoshop on that picture or nothin’.

Hope you had less of a rude awakening this Monday than I did! 5:30 indeed…

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