Alaska Cruise – Food!!

‘Here it is, just as I promised–an entire post devoted entirely to cruise food. I’m sorry.

And you’re welcome.

Question: Have you ever tried any of the following?

*Wellington steak
or *Chilled peach soup?

Well, so have I.

I tried them ALL on the cruise actually, and for the first time, too.

You see, I’m not much of a seafood lover, which is why I hadn’t tried most of those things before. But I figured a cruise was the perfecf way to expand my reportoire of eating habits. And you know what I discovered?

That I’m a lot pickier than I thought I was.

I usually brag that I’m not a picky eater at all and like most everything, but now I have to clarify: I’m not picky at all if I’m doing the cooking, and if I’ve already tried everything on my plate.

Ha ha.

But the cruise food was simply divine (I mean, how could it not be when I had no fewer than FIVE desserts on most days?)

My favorite thing though? That chilled peach soup. Man, there should be sonnets written about that chilled peach soup. I am determined to find out how to make it.

The palate-cleansing smoothies were pretty scrumptious too.

 Ever want to know what Beef Wellington looks like? Well, today’s your lucky day:

On our last night, we celebrated with a Baked Alaska (above). Isn’t that just the prettiest dessert you’ve ever seen?

Our last full day on the cruise, the chefs all put on a pastry party, which looked something like this:

To which our faces then looked something like this:

And, as a result of said pastry party, our last breakfast on the cruise looked something like this:

I have discovered a grand secret: the best tip for motivating yourself to start losing weight is to go on a cruise and completely stuff yourself silly all week long, to the point that you never want to see another creme brulee or medium rare steak again.

Or at least not for a very long time.

But to wrap things up, I discovered three very important things on the cruise:

1: I need to try new food way more frequently than I do. How else will I ever learn how to become a gourmet chef if I can’t even handle a few unique flavor combinations?

2: The presentation of food makes a BIG difference in how appetizing it looks

And 3: Room service is pretty much the best idea of all time.

So, are you hungry yet?

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