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And That’s a Wrap for the Season {October 2023 Goals}

I don’t think September could have been any busier than it was.

Every day started early, ended late, and usually had little to no rest time in between. It’s not a state that’s sustainable, but I knew it was only until the flower farming season ended, so we soldiered on. We made huge strides in a lot of areas with the flower farm though, including me entering (and winning awards!) at two different business pitch competitions. In fact, we’re now seriously considering what it would take to turn flower farming into a full-time business for our family, which is why you’ll notice the shift in goals for October. We’ll still have Matt keep applying for other jobs as well, but we’re going to start looking into what it would take to grow the farm enough to support our family. It should be interesting to see how things end up going!

In family events, we blessed Naomi at the beginning of the month (love celebrating these special milestones!), and Matt and I both turned 37 at the end of the month. Hyrum also started preschool for the first time in September, which is going…okay. He hasn’t taken to it as enthusiastically as his older two siblings, but he seems to have fun every time we pick him up, so maybe he’ll eventually get better at not needing to be convinced to go every last time.

Here’s how the list of goals shook out though, and you’ll notice that I’m keeping my commentary to a minimum so I don’t get this post out any later than it already is! You’ll also notice that I, uh, basically got almost none of the goals completed. It was just that kind of a month!

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September Goals

  • Register van
    • The one and only goal that got completed, and it was basically a shoe-in. Ah, well.
  • Wash couch cushion covers
  • Get new filing system set up
  • Declutter master closet
    • I’m still going ahead with my goal to be a minimalist by 2024, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit behind on the “declutter every day” part, or the part where I “just stick to one room at a time.” I’ve started decluttering little areas throughout the rest of the house to get in some easy wins rather than hammering down on these harder areas like the master closet, but I figure it will all get me there in the end. I *did* entirely declutter the older two kids’ room in September and we totally rearranged it as well, which has made a HUGE difference in how that room functions/feels. So, progress!
  • Declutter playroom
  • List items on Facebook Marketplace
  • Repaint laundry doors
  • Transplant herbs and other plants out of new perennial area
  • Make applesauce from the apples on our tree (or dehydrate some)
    • Sigh. Probably another year when so much produce is going to go to waste because we just don’t have the time to handle it all. We have at least been eating a ton of apples fresh, though!
  • Start making list for Christmas
  • Publish first two posts in 3-part series on NICU stay
    • I did at least publish the first one, which you can read HERE.
  • Finish 3 books
    • Nope, not even one.

October Goals

I usually will roll over most (if not all) of the unfinished goals from one month to the next, but I’m sensing that I’ll have to drastically shift my priorities from any house projects at this point to just finishing up fall prep on the flower farm.

That’s why you’ll see below with the goals that very few are actually the same as up above:

  • Get all tulip and other bulbs in the ground
  • Transplant herbs and lilies to new homes
  • Finish prepping the new perennial area + start planting
  • Throw out unwanted dahlias and dig up tubers we’re saving
  • Finalize seed and other wholesale orders
  • Start mapping out business plan for next year
    • This will be two-fold: one will be the actual flower farm plan based on the land we’re currently on and the land we’re now going to be renting from a neighbor, and the other plan is what we’ll do if we’re able to buy more to turn the flower farm into a full-time gig.
  • Contact at least five different people about buying land
  • Start making list for Christmas
    • Because our big plans aren’t going to happen if we don’t start to get a move on!
  • Publish second post in NICU series
  • Finish 3 books

Keeping it brief and to-the-point today! What’s October looking like for you?

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