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To-Enjoy List: Fall

I seem to always forget how much school consumes my life, especially at the beginning of the year. When you go from having free rein of your time to working 50-60 hours a week, it all of a sudden seems like I have no time for fun anymore (especially since our weekends lately have been taken up by obligations other than relaxing or exploring).

And as I walked out of the school a couple days ago and smelled the crisp scent of leaves in the air and felt that just-cool-enough breeze, I knew that I didn’t want to let this beautiful (but fleeting) season pass me by.

I know it’s become basically a cliche in Blogland, but here are ten things on my “to-enjoy” list for fall (since “to-do” list seems to take all the pleasure out of it):

1. Make salsa from the fresh produce in our garden. I’ve hardly done anything with the abundance of vegetables spilling out of our garden beds this year, and even though I’ve nixed the idea of canning, I think fresh salsa might be just the ticket to remind me why I go through all the work of keeping a garden.

2. Visit a pick-your-own apple orchard. I know it is so cliche, but I’ve never been and have been craving homegrown apples for weeks now. For anyone around Cache Valley, Utah, we’ll be checking out Paradise Valley Orchard for this one!

3. Get tickets for the Odyssey Dance Theater’s performance of “Thriller.”

4. Use at least one of the cans of pumpkin that’s just been sitting there on my shelf gathering dust for two years. I’m thinking one of these two scrumptious recipes above (links below pictures).

5. Go on a fall photo walk. (I’ll be doing several family photo shoots in the leaves for my photography business, but I want to make sure I carve out a walk that’s just for my fun and enjoyment.)

6. Finally take Matt to North Logan’s Pumpkin Walk already! Every year, the city of North Logan puts on this fabulous pumpkin walk featuring some of the most fabulous and creative themed pumpkin displays you’ve ever seen. Matt has never been, and I haven’t been since 2008. Unacceptable, people!


Both boots: Urban Outfitters

7. Invest in a good pair of knee-high boots. I’m not positive how much of an “investment” this can really be (since I know a really good pair of boots is going to run me at least $150-200), but I’m tired of having to buy new boots every winter (esp. since none of them seem to keep moisture out when I’m walking through snow). Considering I’ve never really bought many things that were much of an “investment,” I don’t even know where to look. Anyone know of any reputable boot-selling stores?

8. Buy myself some mums to put out on the front porch.

 9. Watch A Charlie Brown Halloween and see if I can find that old Disney (Mickey Mouse) Halloween special. My mom taped the Disney special on VHS tape back when I was like five. I watched it every single year growing up (and then some), so it’s become synonymous with all the feel-good parts of Halloween. Now I just need to find it again…

10. Come up with a Thanksgiving tradition for just the two of us. We always do the big family dinner with parents, siblings, nieces/nephews, etc., but I want do come up with something that’s just for Matt and me. Any ideas?

Anything I should add to my list?

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