Life in Numbers

My Life in Numbers This Week

Number of Field Trips I’ve Gone on Since Monday: 2 (which is WAY too many for just 4 short days)

Minutes Spent on a Chaotic Middle-School Bus This Week: 91 (*shudder*)

Number of Items on my To-Do List at Work: 75 (all of which need to be completed before the end of the school year)

Number of Items I Need to Get Done Each Work Day on Average: 3.67

Average Amount of Time Each To-Do List Item Will Take: one hour

Average Time it Appears I’ll Be Getting Home Every Night: 6:45 P.M.

Average # of Hours I’ll Be Working Each Week Until May 30: 58

Total Number of Days Left Until the End of the School Year: 29

Total Number of Work Days Left Until I’m Officially on Summer Vacation: 20

Number of Days Since My Husband Officially Started His Summer Vacation: 2 (how awful it is to have him start his summer holidays a whole month before I do!)

Number of Personal Goals I’m Likely to Meet in May Due to Said Workload: 0 (maybe one)

(Please admire the garbage cans in the background)

Number of Books I’ve Finished in the Last 48 Hours: 3 (if you count II Kings in the Bible as a book, which I am)

Amount of Sleep I Got Last Night: about 5 many-times-interrupted hours, due to our neighbors having an argument-of-all-arguments until about 4 in the morning at the top of their lungs

Amount of Unoccupied Time I will have Between Now & Sunday Night: 3 hours total, if I’m lucky

Number of Cookies I Had This Morning for Breakfast: 2 (I couldn’t handle one more instant oatmeal pouch!)

Total Number of Miles Run Since the Half Marathon last Saturday: 3.08 (hopefully I can still squeeze in a run this Saturday though)

Number of Big News Items I Have Yet to Post On: 3

Time You’ll Have to Wait Until Hearing of Said News Items: probably about 5-6 days

On a Scale of 1-10, the Level of Annoyance You Feel When People Tell You they have Something to Tell You and then Don’t Tell You: 7.9

And that’s a wrap, folks! Hope your month of May is looking less stressful than mine…

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