It’s Only January 6th, and I’m Already Unmotivated

These pictures might make it look like I’m feeling all sorts of inspired to take on the world in my power pencil skirt and coral boho top, but the truth is…

I’m feeling a little spent.

Which totally doesn’t make sense, by the way, because I’ve just been on holiday for a week and a half and made a whole slew of resolutions that I’m firmly intent on keeping.

Maybe it’s the nagging sickness that’s been beating me down for two weeks, or maybe it’s the fact that 5:30 AM just seems a whole lot earlier after a holiday of doing next to nothing, but I’m really feeling out of it.

I’ve got to say though, I’m not entirely surprised—there’s something about the month of January that’s always seemed a little depressing to me. I blame it partly on the fact that the excitement of the holidays is past and gone and that the weather outside is below freezing and the skies are grey.

(Of course, in saying that, I just realized these pictures are in sunlight. So…)

The fact is, I’m feeling burned out, and on a lot of levels, too—I’m feeling major blog burnout, major work burnout, and it’s been weeks since I was able to go running (which I know is contributing to everything I’m feeling).

So I’m asking you for your help—

What’s your best way to get out of a rut?

And . . . go!


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