Easy Summer Salad For Two
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A Summer Lunch in Solitude

I learned an important fact about myself this week as Matt’s been away:

I eat about a bajillion times healthier when he’s not around.

This totally blows my mind because I’m constantly trying to sneak vegetables into all of our meals because heaven knows that man would never think to eat them of his own accord.

But perhaps it is because I know that I’m going to meet with a little veggie-resistance when he’s home that I just up and went crazy this week: I had salads for almost every meal, averaged 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day, and ate almost entirely like a vegetarian.

Who knew?

And because this salad I made was just too fabulous NOT to share, I decided to let you in on the super-secret, super-complicated (not!) recipe.

So here goes—the recipe for the most perfect summery salad ever.

*one tomato, sliced and cubed
*one avocado, sliced into small chunks
*one cucumber, peeled and sliced into quartered coins
*feta cheese
*olive oil
*garlic powder

Mix the first four ingredients together, drizzle with a little olive oil, and sprinkle salt and garlic powder to taste. Serve by itself or with a sliced baguette (toasted or fresh).

Serves: 2

Another thing I learned about myself? When I’m alone, I almost always eat at the kitchen table, usually by our large window. This probably doesn’t seem weird to anyone else, but Matt and I seriously eat almost every single meal in front of the t.v. (I know, I know—we’re completely terrible).

But there’s something about a salad that begs for a little more inner contemplation than usual—something about the way the creamy avocado mixes with the texture of a fresh cucumber that makes me want to turn off the outside world, kick up my bare feet, and contemplate the mysteries of nature.

Or at least the mysterious actions of my neighbors across the way.

This summer salad was SO good at its job, in fact, that I’m contemplating trying to convince Matt to turn off the television altogether during meals.

Heaven help me.

Do you watch t.v. while eating? Or are you the type to chow it down the good ol’ fashioned way—around a sturdy kitchen table while actually carrying on a conversation?

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