First Harvest


With some things, I have an extraordinary amount of patience (like with 12- and 13-year-olds, apparently).

However, when it comes to other things, such as learning new skills, finishing books, and now, waiting for my own vegetables to come to harvest, I’m not.

So when I found out that there was a vegetable that could go from seed to harvest in just over a month, I jumped right on that bandwagon.

(Even if that vegetable ended up being radishes, which are only the sub-par version of veggies in my book.)

Today, after transplanting the rest of our vegetable plants closer to the watering source, we decided to see if we had any ready radishes on hand. Even though some of them are still pretty teensy, once I started plucking them, it was kinda hard to stop.

Of course, after biting into one of them and feeling my tongue explode with heat, I was out.

But somehow, thinking about it now about an hour later, those suckers were pretty darn good.

Bring on the summer!


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