A St Patrick’s Day Green Feast

You know what I’ve decided?

That I need to have more fun with holidays.

What typically happens is that I wait until the day of the holiday to remember that it is a holiday, and then I decide that it’s not worth the effort to actually do anything for it. Or I just go along with what someone else has already planned.

This lazy non-planning is especially true of St. Patrick’s Day, which, let’s face it, is a good holiday for me if I even wear green at all.

But this year, my sister-in-law Katie has opened my eyes to a new (and brilliant) tradition:

A St. Patrick’s Day Green Feast.

Katie’s green feast (which she was so gracious to invite us to) consisted only of green things–I mean, everything down to the ranch dressing and pesto spagehetti was tinted green.

It was awesome.

And I had to laugh when she handed me this little package entitled “Torrie’s Green Punch.”


She had also made clever “leprechaun catchers” with her kids that said things like “Free pot of gold inside” or “Free leprechaun cruiser–hop in!”

Somehow, though, those sneaky little leprechauns escaped, although they did leave behind itty-bitty scarves in each of the catchers . . . along with candy and small toys.

Hello, new tradition!

Do you do anything to celebrate St. Paddy’s?

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