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Little Victories

Today in my yoga class, my instructor started out by talking about the concept of vulnerability and how she wanted us to apply the concept in our class today. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the little blips she says at the beginning of each class because I find many of them a …


Our First Apartment

We did it! Matt and I signed the contract to rent our first apartment together. And I love it–it’s a two-bedroom townhouse-style place with hardwood floors downstairs and washer and dryer hookups. AND IT HAS A DISHWASHER. I have lived this whole last school year without a dishwasher, and I feel like I’ve died and …



Although this is arguably the worst song ever recorded, I have been hearing it on every corner of campus. For anyone who doesn’t know the big deal about this song, 13-year-old Rebecca Black wanted to make a music video. So what does she do? She has her parents shell out a whole bunch of money …