Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Sometimes Matt and I will match clothes without even trying to, like in this photo from a week and a half ago. I mean honestly, sometimes it looks like we plan it! But then I talked to this friend of mine, and she admitted to me that her and her husband often DO purposely match their outfits when they go to things together like church or weddings, so I don’t think an accidental match now and then is too bad.

*Do you coordinate outfits with your significant other? Am I the weird one for NOT trying to?

*In the ballroom/swing class I teach twice a week, my students have somehow convinced me to teach “gangnam style” to them. Ever since doing it for the first time, I’ve had kids BEGGING me to do it every time now. The problem? There is nothing TO that dance. I mean, once you’ve got the basic left, right, left left, you’re pretty much set. It’s got to be the most boring dance of all time. Someone explain its popularity to me.

*But maybe, come to think of it, there’s more to the dance than what I know. I’ve never watched any videos on it (or even the original video, for that matter), so who am I to say it’s ridiculous?

*Except it is.

*Last night I went up to bed at about 7:45. Mind you, I didn’t fall asleep until about 8:40, but it was positively delightful. This morning, I woke up more refreshed than I ever have on a teaching day.

*Speaking of teaching, it seems like lately, either I or my students have been in a major funk. It’s like no matter what I do, they seem to be bored out of their minds, complete with sleeping, loud sighing, and obvious daydreaming going on. Something’s gotta change because nothing will drive you crazier than people giving off loud sighs when you’ve put hours into what you’re trying to teach.

*Note to any parents out there: please teach your kids not to sigh in the middle of school. Or anywhere in public for that matter.

*There’s this one kid in my classes that’s been bugging me like CRAZY lately (all teachers have to have at least one). He’s turned into a teenager overnight apparently because all of a sudden, he started talking back to me, defiantly refusing to do what he’s supposed to, glaring at me on his walk of shame as I kicked him out of class one day, and incessantly disrupting the students around him. Whenever I tell my husband about encounters like this, he says I should just yell at them so loudly and so terrifyingly that they’ll never act up again. But that’s not really my style. Maybe I’m too soft, but I keep hoping that if I treat those little buggers with enough patience and respect and caring (and not with sarcasm or frustration), they’ll eventually shape up.

*I know, I’m a dreamer. The other teachers tell me that all the time.

*So it’s the most bizarre thing–at first, when I went on this “more vegetarian” thing, I was dropping weight every day. But now I’m GAINING again. What gives?

*Something tells me those Tootsie Rolls I eat after every meal are to blame…

*I just made the mistake of telling my ballroom dance group that the merengue is supposed to be a “flirty” dance. WRONG thing to say to a group of 7th graders who already have issues with touching people of the opposite sex as it is. I said “flirty” and all arms went WHOOM–folded across their chests or into pockets.

*No joke.

*Did I mention already that Matt ended up getting that part-time job we were hoping for? Besides the extra money (which will be awesome), it is also great (for me) because it means that I’m not the only one getting up before six anymore. It’s just so much easier to get up and get ready for the day when you’re not the only one in the house getting up while it’s still dark, ya know? Plus it helps that he actually starts the car 10 minutes before we leave so it’s defrosted and warm by the time we get out.

*I apparently lack the foresight to do that.

*I can’t wait to catch last night’s episode of Biggest Loser tonight online. Now none of you spoiled-stinkers-with-access-to-live-t.v. ruin it for me by telling me what happens…

*I’m SO ready for lunch.

*If you had to create your own Tuesday Tell-All, what’s one thing you’d put on it for this week?

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