Baby Animal Days Date

Matt and I have been trying to switch up our date plans a little bit from the usual dinner-and-movie combo, so when we heard that Baby Animal Days was happening right now, we just knew we had to go.
Besides, both of us have seriously been feeling the lack of pet stores around here (sometimes you just need to pet a baby puppy, okay?), so this event was just all sorts of necessary.

And these babies did not disappoint–we had ourselves a perfect day of sun-strolling, animal-petting, manure-smelling, and people-watching.

For those of you who have never been, you’re missing out.

For those of you have, you know where it’s at. The fun, that is.

The baby cow kept licking us with its long, rough tongue. It was kind of weird and adorable at the same time. Look closely in the picture to see the tongue creeping out under Matt’s hand.

We waited forever in line to see the baby bear cubs, but they wouldn’t let us hold one. Guess what my new life goal is now after running a marathon? You guessed it–holding a baby bear cub.

And what’s a trip to Baby Animal Days without some juicy, overpriced hot dogs?

The entire day I’d been waiting for two things: to see the baby chicks and to hold one of the adorable black-and-white goat babies. We knew our day was complete when both dreams were fulfilled.
A perfect day.

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